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Susan Lederfeind, L.Ac

Athletic Trainer

Karissa Giaquinto

AromaTouch Therapy

Sheryl Fatse

Birthday Parties

Lisa Sheehan

Energy Healing: Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki

Cathy Prins, LMT

Meditation & Yoga Instructor

Lisa Sheehan


Dr. Kathryn Firisin, ND, MSPT

Kelly Kenny,    Office Manager

Kelly Kenny, Office Manager

Rina Pia, Medical Billing and Claim Services

Rina Pia, Medical Billing and Claim Services

Testimonials. . .

“A car accident in 2014 left me with a pinched nerve in my neck and numbness in my arm. I received treatment from a chiropractor as well as massage therapy. These treatments were nothing but a bandaid and my pain quickly returned. A friend of mine referred me to Anne for her craniosacral therapy. I was not familiar with this type of treatment, but I did not want to live my life with chronic pain. I was willing to try an alternative therapy. After one session with Anne, my pinched nerve and numbness were gone. Anne’s therapeutic touch was able to release compression in my neck. It has been over one year and I am painfree and my numbness is gone. Anne is a miracle worker!” — Linda

“I discovered Julia’s yoga class when I moved from NYC to CT almost 15 years ago. From the first class I took with her, I loved her energy, her spirit, and her teaching style. She always has a balanced routine that takes care of our entire bodies. She also gives excellent pointers on how to get deeper into poses and how to continually challenge yourself, even in more basic poses. I still put those tips to use every time I practice. She also keeps things light and fun and supportive. She’s a ray of yoga sunshine!” — Andrea B.

“Jen is a unique physical therapist who thinks out of the box. She uses multiple modalities to achieve her result, which have been very good for me. She works well with other therapists, such as personal trainers and yoga instructors. By emphasizing a relaxation state, along with hands on therapy, she can achieve results that are beyond a typical physical therapist. ” — R. Linden

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